Talaad Mai Stewed Duck Noodle | 新哒叻炖鸭面线

The price for a bowl of stewed duck noodle in Hat Yai city ranges from 50-60฿. Although there’s not much price difference with those available in Malaysia, it can be more easily found in Hat Yai city than any other city in Malaysia. I have tried a few of them and this is my favourite.

Stewed Duck Soup Noodle (55฿). The rice noodle is serves with stewed duck, coagulated pig blood, chopped coriander bath in black pepper and herbal stew soup. If the soup given is not enough to fill your stomach, you can always ask politely for more, not extra charges applied. There are a few types of noodles available to be chosen.

Dried Stewed Duck Wings & Feet Noodle (55฿). As usual, any noodle which is available in soup, it’s available in dried version too.

This is how the portion looks like after i have removed them out of the soup and put them onto the noodle. Usually, one will get three wings, three feet and a few pieces of coagulated pig blood in the dried stewed duck wings & feet noodle. One can order a mixed stewed duck noodle that include duck liver, heart, giblets and tongue too.

This noodle house sits not far away from Nan Yuan, it’s only about 80 meters away. This is the first stall that i come across open until midnight.

By the way, “Talaad Mai” in Thai means “New Market” in English. I think i should write a post about some easy and useful Thai vocabularies that could help with ordering dishes in Thailand.

42/42, Soi Padungvithi,
Hatyai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

Business Hour:
5:00pm – 1:00am

GPS Coordinates:

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